Family Health Insurance and Divorce How to Protect Yourself - Divorce means not only considering how best to fairly divide the shared property such as a house, vehicles, and bank accounts, but also how to best distribute intangible, but no less important, shared benefits.

Diabulimia Scary Things Teens Do to Get Thin - Up to about 1/3 of young women and teens with Type 1 diabetes skimp or withhold on their insulin doses in a scary attempt to lose weight.

Reorganize Your Closet Decision - Getting your closet organized in a manner that is going to continually serve you takes time.

Hold Yourself Accountable - Divorce is wrought with disappointment because of the broken promise of a two-parent family.

A Collection Of Great Basement Ideas - Most homes have a basement that either sits empty or is used for storage.

Love Quotes to Celebrate Love Yourself Week - What is it that we are celebrating with another twelve love quotes? One of the most important "holidays" of all.

Teach Yourself How Kids Use The Internet - Protecting your children online is one of the most important daily responsibilities you have as a parent.

Its Your Tax Refund Isnt It - Instead of a nice check from the IRS, you get a notice stating that you've already claimed your tax refund for this year.

Find an In loving memory tattoo - This article is written as advise and a guide in choosing an in loving memory tattoo, as it is important to know what you want before you even enter a tattoo parlor.

Gift baskets for various occasions - Gift baskets are also designed for other occasions like weddings and wedding anniversaries and these contain items which celebrate the couple's togetherness and therefore most of the items should reflect a touch of romance like candles, chocolates, wines etc.

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