A Collection Of Great Basement Ideas

Most homes have a basement that either sits empty or is used for storage. What a waste that is for a room that ads an entire extra floor to your home! There are many different things you can do with your basement and uses you can have for it. All it takes is a little imagination! Here then, in no particular order, are some basement ideas you may want to consider:

1) The basement is a great place for a hobby room. For instance, some people like miniature trains and what better place is there than the basement to set up your realistic village and train track? The basement can be used for most any hobby and lets you get away, relax, and concentrate on your hobby.

2) Now that so many people have large flat screen TVs, they need a room that can be devoted to watching TV.

The basement is a great place to set everything up just like you want to have the in home theater experience.

3) Basement lighting can be critical because it will set the mood for the room. Basements typically have little to no sunlight and thus the artificial lights you choose are critical. Try things like string lights, globe lights, Onyx lights, and novelty lights to get just what you want the room to look like.

4) The basement will naturally be the coldest room during the hot summer months and it might be made into a bedroom or guest room.

If your house does not have air conditioning, sleeping downstairs in the basement during the summer might be a cool idea and get you a better nights sleep.

5) Your basement can also be turned into a themed area. Does your son like baseball or a certain sport? Turn your basement into a room devoted to his favorite team or sport. If you have a daughter it can be a room about whatever she is intensely interested in.

6) Many people do more work from home now and are looking for that extra room to turn into an office. The basement might work great as it is a secluded place where you can concentrate on your job and not be distracted by all the goings on in the rest of the house.

7) Do you like wine? If you have been looking for the right place to store it then the basement is surely it. Wine needs to be kept at a constant cool temperature and the basement can be turned into a wine cellar. You can choose to make your basement wine cellar as sophisticated as you wish without worrying about others in the house getting in the way and disturbing the wine.


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