Why You Need A Home Energy Audit

For many people the utility bill is expensive. There are several factors contributing to this bill. One factor is all the appliances we use in our homes and the second is the increasing prizes of fossil fuels.

These increasing prizes also increase the price for electricity because many power plants work on these fossil fuels. To start saving money we need to focus on these two important factors. Here we will focus on the first. One smart way of cutting the utility bills is to go about a home energy audit.

Many people forget that they can save a lot of money by studying their energy consumption. One very important issue to realize is that many appliances still use electricity even though they are switch of. This known as phantom loads. Examples of these appliances are the VCRs, stereo components, microwave oven, toasters, and the stoves. Phantom loads are a very abstract issue for many people and it is a difficult concept that is hard to grasp.

How much phantom loads you appliances consume can be estimated by a home audit. Another contributing factor is the stand-by mode that many appliances have. Not leaving the device in the stand-by mode will save a lot of electricity. Other less obvious parts of the home can also contribute to the increasing home energy consumption. These are the attics, fireplaces, and the rest of the less obvious parts of the house.

Why should you have a home energy audit? The reason is to cut your utility bill. If you have a large bill and you don't know where and how to save energy then the audit will be wise investment. The audit result will give a better understanding how your home energy can be maximized and securely utilized. With the results you will be able to reduce your bill today and for years to come.

The audit will concentrate on the less obvious parts of your home. The windows and doors are also covered, but these are usually not a big problem anymore. The parts you need to think about are the attic, the fireplace and the ceilings. Let's think about the ceiling. It must have enough insulation so that the home energy will be kept from escaping from it and to go upwards to the attic.

The easiest way for heat to transfer into the attic is through a hole in the ceiling. When thinking of the attic we stuff these full with unused things and all kinds of junk stuff. What you need to realize is that by putting in the proper insulation you could save big bucks. The attic must be installed with open air vents so as to keep up a good air circulation. When there is no proper air circulation in the attic you can destroy all our stuff and even damage the roof and the attic itself.

To stop the process of heat propulsion you will need to keep it closed when not being used. But if you intend to have it open, simply turn off the heater inside your home since it will come out of the vents then cross the room, and then right into the fireplace the heat will be blown out. For some logical reasons, such situation will just cause you a nightmare in terms of the electrical bills that will confront you. Next is to stop using the stand-by mode in your appliances and turn the appliances of. Another benefit is that by doing so you're also preventing fire.

One important cause of fire inside the house is the television. In standby mode it can cause a short circuit and will create sparks that can result in a fire. These are just a few tips that you can use to start saving money on your utility bill. If you are really serious about saving money you should consider a home energy audit.

Bryan Wong is the owner of the alternative energy information website Energy - Get a FREE e-book on how to SAVE MONEY on your utility bill.

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