Where to Place Your Air Purifier

As pollution levels increase all over the world the air we breathe in is getting more toxic by the day. One would say that it doesn't feel that bad. But the fact is, things are really getting out of hand if don't take immediate action. Worse is, indoor air seems to be more polluted than outdoor air. Recent studies are indicating that. And we spend over 90% of our time indoors.

So it is imperative that we do something now. And many Americans have already taken the matter into their own hands. They are installing air purifiers in their homes.

The air purifier industry has been growing at breakneck speed and they are going on innovating their products. One integral part to their innovation is styling. An air purifier occupies a significant portion of your room and since it has to be placed out in the open for it to function, hiding it somewhere is not an option. So there are two issues here - one, it has to be aesthetically pleasing, and two, it got to work properly too. Many people have an issue with this, as to where exactly should they place their air purifier.

The simplest solution is to place it right at the middle of the room. That way the air purifier is at its most efficient. It can draw in air equally from all sides of the room and it can also release cleansed air evenly throughout the room. However, this is not exactly feasible for most people. Imagine having an air purifier right at the center of the sofas you have. An air purifier replacing a center table! That will be ghastly.

Of course you have to place it at one corner of the room. The fan inside the purifier creates a vacuum and draws in the air from the room. When placed at one corner it will draw in air from a single direction only and it will release the air also in the same direction. This might take a bit more time than it would have if it was placed at the centre of the room, but it will at least be not intruding into the space you and your family share.

There are also times when you need to consider the room before you are buying an air purifier. Suppose if you are buying one for you bedroom you might not like it to emit too much of a sound. Noisy air coolers can be a problem. But then again, someone might like the white noise as they go to sleep.

So take all this factors into consideration before you buy an air purifier.

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