Wheelchair Lifts Opening New Doors

If you or someone you love is in a wheelchair or has trouble walking, than it can be very hard to negotiate staircases of any kind. Often, your whole house is handicapped accessible with the exception of the most important part: the front steps. Wheelchair lifts are responsible for guaranteeing that millions of Americans maintain their freedom and independence and retain the ability to enter and exit their home.

Wheelchair lifts are very similar to elevators and are often referred to as vertical platform lifts. The term vertical platform lift is actually a very fitting and descriptive name. Wheelchair lifts are in essence a platform that is raised vertically to allow people who cannot climb stairs, or those in wheelchairs, to easily go up and down the stairs. The lift travels the distance from the ground to the top of the stairs vertically at a slow and steady pace.

Wheelchair lifts are capable of lifting over 500 pounds distances of 12 feet or more. 12 feet is actually pretty high for a normal home residence and usually lifts of this distance are found commercially in places such as schools and churches. Many commercial operations will purchase portable units that can be moved without disassembly. Whether you get a traditional wheelchair lift or one that is portable, it will quickly open up new doors. It can be very hard to not be able to leave your home, or to have to rely on someone to help you down the stairs.

These units come with an easy and simple to use keypad, which can be operated by the person using the lift, or by a separate individual. Quality wheelchair lifts made by a reputable manufacturer will provide many years of service. These units are designed to be weather proof and are very rugged and well built, so they can withstand almost all types of weather conditions. The time is now, regain your independence. is your number 1 stop for residential vertical platform lifts as well as commercial wheelchair lifts.

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