Useful And Practical House Cleaning Tips

Greese and bacteria are the worst enemies you can have in your kitchen. You will want to keep on top of these by cleaning your kitchen on a regular basis. Make sure you remove all your kitchen appliances, e.g.

toaster, mixer etc., off from the bench tops before you start to clean. Otherwise the bacteria will find it's way under your appliances and will flourish. If you want a more in-depth clean but only have about half-hour to spare then you will also be able to give your floor a quick clean without the use of a dirty mop and bucket. Simply spray the floor with either a floor or multi-purpose cleaner and wipe it over with a floor cloth. Then spray your kitchen applianes with some kind of disinfectant and wipe them drip with a clean micro-fibre cloth.

If you devote more time, say an hour, then start by wiping your cabinet doors using good old soap and water. Wipe the cabinet fronts from top to bottom. If the kitchen cabinets happen to be made from wood, try using a wood cleanser for a finishing touch.

If you have more than an hour to spare, you can deep clean the appliances. To add freshness to the interiors of the refrigerator, clean it using 3 tablespoons of baking soda with 3 cups of warm water. Wipe the insides of the oven with an all purpose cleanser.

With the aid of a plastic scraper get bits of food off the racks. Remove bits of food or crumbs from inside cabinets with a vacuum attachment or a damp cloth. If some of your appliances are made of stainless-steel then clean these with soap and water with a soft sponge. Then dry with kitchen towels.

For an extra shine, use a steel-polish and smear over the fronts. Wipe away the excess with kitchen towel. Using a dry micro-fibre cloth buff up until the fronts are shiny and smear free. Below are some extra one-off practical cleaning tips: Wax on candle holders? No problem. Pop the candle holders in your freezer for approximately an hour.

When removed from the freezer the wax should just come off. Cloudy look on your best drinking glasses? Put them in warm water with a drop of vinegar. Leave for about an hour then polish wih a nylon sponge. If your mattress has a nasty smell, dab the area with cold water then using borax sprinkle on top of the water.

Get a cloth and vigorously rub the borax into the mattress. Brush of the remaining powder. If you want to remove wallpaper easily, mix equal parts of vinegar and water and roll over the paper until thoroughly soaked.

The paper will peel off by itself after two applications of the solution. To let the garbage bins smell fresh, place slices of lemon in them. The bins will be free of bad odors If you have clothes that are delicate, place them inside a pillow-case then wash them on a gentle cyle in your washing machine. For removing crayon marks on the walls, rub a small amount of tooth paste onto them and rub off with a clean cloth. No microfibre cloths in your house? Clean your mirrow with a soaky rag from warm water. Get an old newspaper, crumple it up and buff the mirror up.

About the author: Toni Chainbridge is the owner of the House Cleaning Tips site. Visit her site and read further Housekeeping Cleaning ideas and tips.

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