Review of Enviracaire HEPA Germicidal Air Purifier

Air purifiers are a new rage and they are vanishing from the shelves as people are increasingly becoming more conscious of what they breathe in. consequently, the manufacturers have also pulled up their socks and in their endeavor to woo the customers are launching new models of air purifiers pretty regularly. One such new addition to the long line of air purifiers is the Enviracaire HEPA Germicidal Air Purifier.

The purifier is based on the technology of the most advanced purifiers and uses a HEPA filter. An added advantage with this model is that it comes with a permanent filter. So no trouble of ordering a new filter, no hassles of changing the worn out filter and no future investment. Even the pre-filter that comes attached with it is washable. So there is no need to replace the pre-filter even. However there are a few negatives with this purifier too.

The biggest problem for many would be the noise. There are some people who actually like a white noise. But then also the volume levels shouldn't be too intrusive.

The Enviracaire HEPA Germicidal Air Purifier scores badly on this count. There is another issue with this purifier. The instruction manual tells to place the purifier at least 3 feet from the walls. Now that would mean it would be almost at the centre of the room. Many wouldn't be too keen on having their air purifier right at the middle of the room, however much efficient it is. It becomes intrusive for the space in the room and isn't too comfortable.

There have also been suggestions that the purifier emits small portions of ozone when it is operational. Now, that can be a serious threat for someone suffering from chronic respiratory disease. It would be ideal to consult the family physician before you decide on buying this purifier. It has been seen that plants placed near the unit were affected. It has also been observed that dust collects just outside the purifier near the base. This after you have it placed three feet from the walls.

This is definitely not desirable. At the end of the day you are investing a considerable sum of money and if you are not satisfied with the efficiency of the product then it is not worth it. The Enviracaire HEPA Germicidal Air Purifier has a few innovative features no doubt, but it isn't perfect as yet.

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