Provide the Beauty of Real Wood Shutters with Lower Cost

There is very little in the way of style and elegance to compare to faux wood plantation shutters, they simply ooze style and sophistication from every angle. At the same time, shutters promote an evocative atmosphere- reminding one of the style of old colonial homes. Faux wood plantation shutters provide the most beautifully diffused light, combining privacy with a quick and easy opening and shutting mechanism.

Faux wood plantation shutters have benefits compared to real wood shutters. Since they are prone to cold to hold and hot to cold in temperature, and sometimes succumb to dampness, real wood shutters can warp, and change shape, stretching and contracting over time according to the heat being received. This warping effect can lead to the fit of the shutters becoming less exact over time, and in severe circumstances can prevent the shutters from closing fully or opening in the way they should normally function. This, of course, can make the appearance look less than desirable. Moreover, if the shutters don't close properly, then possibly your privacy or sleep is at stake. Another advantage of faux wood plantation shutters compared to real wood shutters is cost.

There is no doubt that real wood can be hugely expensive, yet the PVC construction of faux wood plantation shutters makes them highly affordable. If you're saving money by purchasing faux wood plantation shutters ? you may wish to consider other decorations, or complementary shades. The space behind a shutter might accommodate a roller shade, which can not only keep out to help darken your rooms, but may also give longer life to the shutters. The other problem with some wooden shutters is that they can fade over time. Wood, like any other natural material, is affected by the sunlight. Over time, the wood can be dried, faded and the overall affect lost.

Painting wood shutters is a possibility, but the build-up of paint on the shutter louvers may cause function to diminish. Faux wood plantation shutters, on the other hand, are made of PVC and are both colored and textured to give the appearance of a wide range of natural looking woods. Yet whilst the appearance is not lost, the long term durability is far more substantial. High quality faux wood plantation shutters do not fade or warp, so the long term appearance of the product is guaranteed far longer. Many people are prone to use the style of plantation shutters in areas such as patios, kitchens, bathrooms and even spas.

In these areas, moisture can be such a problem that wood shutters would simply warp, crack and peel, losing their appeal and style very quickly. Considering the cost of wooden shutters, this represents both a poor choice, the investment simply not justifying itself after only a very short period of time. By fitting faux wood plantation shutters, all of these moisture problems are solved in one fell stroke.

Faux wood plantation shutters will simply not peel or crack or warp, the lower cost of initial investment returning its long term advantages to you time and time again. The natural, as opposed to synthetic, wood look of faux wood plantation shutters means that they will be able to compliment any style of home or office décor which a room takes. From the crisp, clean white of a bathroom or a colonial style bedroom, to the warmer tones of beech to a classic oak, there is no doubt that faux wood plantation shutters can provide the matching look for a cost which will be very surprising. Many people today recognize the advantage of 'curb appeal' in selling their houses, and the appeal is continued inside the property when visitors and prospective buyers step inside and see the beauty and ease of function of wood plantation shutters. Indeed, the value of a property can be significantly enhanced through the addition and installation of suitably chosen, décor-complimenting wood plantation shutters. The advantage of installing faux wood plantation shutters is not just for the style they add, but also for the investment they represent.

Almost certainly the value they represent in terms of style adds to your property, whether for your own pleasure or as part of a move to sell your property at a good price, will be far in excess of the cost to purchase and install them yourself. The resulting beauty will certainly add a significant value to the building, and may increase the value more than the cost of the improvements. Faux wood plantation shutters are a feature which will help to sell your property even before the buyer has stepped in the door. So, if design or style is your goal, and savings end up in your pocket, then there is no doubt at all that, from the point of view of style, longevity and cost, faux wood plantation shutters represent a remarkably low cost yet evocative and stylish addition to the house can call itself a home.

Judith Persit is an interior designer specializing in window treatments. Judith writes about plantation shutters. Learn more at plantation shutters, vinyl shutters, wood shutters, vertical blinds, roller shades, & wood blinds.

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