Kitchen Remodel - What you Need to Know
by Paul Forte

You have decided to make the plunge and begin to plan your kitchen remodeling project. There are so many questions and you’re not sure where to start. There are some steps you should follow to help you survive what is probably the most intense home improvement project you will ever embark on.

So where do you start? One decision that comes first is who is going to be doing the project. If you are thinking of making this a do it yourself project, take a long hard look before diving in.

A full kitchen remodel requires a tremendous amount of different types of skills. Beside the obvious trade skills of carpentry, plumbing, electrical there is the organizational skills and decision making ability. If you intend to do the project as a couple make sure your relationship can withstand the stress. A beautiful kitchen doesn't outweigh a happy marriage.

The key to a smooth kitchen remodel can be summed up in one word, Planning! If that didn't sink in, read that last sentence again. I can't stress strongly enough how important the planning stages are in a kitchen remodel. There are a hundred reasons not to rush into a project like this. If everything goes perfectly while installing a new kitchen, it is still rather trying.

Add some speed bumps into the mix and it turns into a pull out you hair experience. You will need to do as much as possible in order to not leave anything out. Read all you can find on the subject, visit forums, look in magazines for ideas and talk to your friends and family who have already took the plunge. Learn what to expect during your Kitchen Remodel

A modern kitchen today is a large investment of money. Cabinets and appliances are a major part of that expense. These are amongst the first decisions you will need to make. Even before you see a kitchen designer consider your alternatives when it comes to color and style of the cabinets. This will give you a base to start from. There are countless cabinet companies and different quality cabinets. When you finally get to a showroom that is the time to begin down the road of how much and how good a cabinet you want and can afford.

That brings up another important issue in the planning stages, a budget. You will need to determine what the total budget your willing to spend on this project. Without making a budget the price can quickly escalate out of control. A kitchen project that started at an affordable $15,000 without budget parameters can quickly turn into an $80,000 renovation. This will likely end in frustration and no new kitchen.

Set the limits early and then work within those limits. When you have your spending limit figured out take off a percentage for unforeseen costs. They will almost always come about at some point. At least 15% in my estimation should be allotted for cost overruns, and that is pretty conservative.

If you do decide to do the project yourself or become your own GC, make sure you will have the time to do it. In most kitchens, especially in homes with children, not having a kitchen is a major inconvenience. A husband, who drags his feet getting a new kitchen installed, will find himself in the doghouse faster than fido after he chews up the couch! The best advice I can give you is to do your homework. There is so much great info available on the internet today that it isn't too difficult.

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