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Water purifiers have become the necessity in most of the households and its installation has become that much popular kitchen upgrade. Many kinds of water purifiers are available, varying from simple in line cartridges to reverse osmosis systems with under the sink storage tanks. Each and every water purifier comes with an easy-to-handle installation kit by which the installation work can be done. Following is a handy installation guide for an average easy-to-install dual-cartridge water purifier.

This type of purifier is easy to install because it does not require the electrical power, it does not hook up directly to the cold water line and it can easily be installed in a few hours. Installation guide: - Mount the dispenser. If it does not fit in a sink top hole, then drill another hole in the sink or in a countertop as per your need. Drilling is possible only in case of the stainless steel or the porcelain cast-iron sinks. In case of the total porcelain sink drill for the dispenser through the countertop. - A saddle valve is to be installed to tap the water supply.

First turn off the water supply. After that drill a small hole in the supply line and place the saddle valve over the pipe by screwing in properly. - Within the cold-water line and the dispenser the cartridge filtration unit is to be placed. While doing this process you must be careful in sparing a clearance between the system and the cabinet with a view to replacing the cartridges in future, if needed. - Hook up the device properly. - Put in the opposite end of the tubing into one another; tighten the nuts with your hand, and then make another turn and a half with an adjustable wrench.

- At last fix the water dispenser after cutting a piece of tubing to run from the outlet port and inserting compression on both ends. Now it's time to allow the water flow for about 20 minutes to wash out carbon particles or air pockets, if any. The instructions stated herewith may vary depending on the various types of water purifiers that could have been used.

But one basic approach is the same: you will need a drill and a screwdriver. After fixing the filter in whichever way you want, your main task is to get aware of whether there remains any leakage by letting the water flow inside. It is indeed that much easy.

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