How To Create a Peaceful and Relaxing Zen Bedroom

For many of us who live a hectic fast paced lifestyle, coming home to a soothing and relaxing bedroom retreat is a luxury that we can only dream of. These tips will help you create a calming zen bedroom design that will look like you hired a pro. If you want a relaxing environment, then neutral colors and rich textures are the key. Pick sage green, or tan as a base and go with that. If you like grays you can even use a palette of gray, although this color can be kind of cold. Pick a color that you can use on both the walls and floors as it is desirable to make them the same color.

Take your cue from nature and use colors that you might find in a soothing setting outdoors. You'll want to accent the room with plants, soothing waterfall bowls and candles to complete the look and feel. Perhaps a meditation mat in front of a candle fireplace? Choose plain furniture for your Zen bedroom - if your current furniture is old and distracting and you don't want to buy new, paint it a neutral color that goes with your color scheme. Think about adding some Japanese paper panels in front of any pieces that detract. If your old furniture just won't suit the room but you are on a limited budget, shop around at your local consignment store for pieces that match. You may have to go every day but sooner or later that perfect set is bound to show up! You want your Zen bedroom design to have a monochromatic look with different shades of the same color, but you an add some punch with a complimentary accent color which you can spread around in pillows, wall art and vases in a few places around the room (not too much).

The window treatments should be light and flowing - simple sheers in white that flow down to the floor would work. Lighting should be calming and not distracting - something with clean square lines and very simple. Now if you are thinking your Zen bedroom is going to be looking pretty plain, you can use your bedding to add some interest.

You want to keep with a monochromatic look to the bedding, but you can make it stick out by using layers of color that are a subtle shade off and rich quality fabrics. Try some sheets or a comforter that has a design embroidered or embossed in the same color as the fabric. Add interest by using materials with a nice texture - crisp cotton, soft velvet or dupioni silk can add interest and be soothing to the touch and comfy to relax in! Accents are what make a room unique so your Zen bedroom deserves some relaxing accessories.

Not too many though as you want to avoid clutter. How about a soothing tabletop waterfall or some aromatherapy candles? You can buy structures that hold candles in sort of a pyramid and create a faux fireplace with candles as the feature. Or maybe you want a mini Zen garden? Use a small coffee table and put a sand garden with mini rake on top.

A shoji screen can work to divide the room or add a nice accent to a corner - you can make them yourself using rice paper and wood.

Lee Dobbins writes for several decorating sites including where you get get even more bedroom design ideas.

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