Hot Tub Preventive Care and Maintenance

If you own a hot tub and wish to continue enjoying the tranquility of soaking in after a tiring and aching day, preventive care and maintenance is a must. A well maintained hot tub provides an ideal environment to relax at the end of the day. Some parameters that need to be observed and controlled in the process of upkeep of tubs are Water Balance, Ph value & Alkalinity level. Balancing of water means ensuring that the quality of water is right for bathing comfort as well as equipment life. Calcium hardness, Total alkaline content and pH value are the key areas to look at.

Calcium hardness is depends on the local water quality. It is a measure of the hardness factor of the water. Soft water tends to be low in Calcium Hardness and hard water more obviously is high.

The level should be checked each time the tub is topped u or refilled. The ideal Calcium Hardness level for hot tubs is between 100 - 200mg/l. A level lower than this could be corrosive to the equipment and a higher level could cause deposit build up on the surfaces. A pH value of 7 to 8 is recommended to be maintained for the water in the tubs. A specific maintenance guideline is given below with some tips on how to take care of the hot tubs. We can categorize the preventive care into daily, weekly, monthly and periodic.

The Important steps are given below Daily care - for everyday maintenance. 1) Check up the sanister level and dosage. 2) Ph value checks to maintain the alkalinity levels. 3) Water line cleaning. Weekly care- every week please ensures he following routines are done.

1) Oxidizing the bath with chlorine bleach. 2) Scale prevention by adding no scale agents 3) Anti foam additives to prevent foam formation. Monthly care Water filter cartridges must be cleaned using the cleaners and water balance to be checked. Periodic care Your tub will need complete draining and refilling as there is always a build up of total dissolved. One may do this, as a thumb rule, once every 45 days. Hot tub covers A hot tub cover is a very useful and handy invention and support accessory for any homeowner who would like to receive the best and most long lasting service from his home spa system.

To make hot tubs energy efficient and to keep energy use to a minimum, it is important that heat does not escape it and the covers help to do this by insulating the hot tub efficiently. Materials used in tub covers There is a lot of variety in the market today for the types and materials of hot tub covers and some companies even provide these free of cost when you purchase a tub. Some can be customized for you and there are still others waiting to indulge your need for something different by providing hand made covers, which you can design, and they can implement for you.

A high quality vinyl spa cover will usually be treated with UV, mildew and cold crack inhibitors, which are used to attract sunlight and deter mold from building up on your cover. The advantage to a vinyl cover is that it is available in many colors and can add to the aesthetic appeal of your tub as well. These can be one to three pounds in weight or even larger ones for harsh weather conditions and prove to be very effective as vinyl is the strongest and most durable type of hot tub cover in today's market. Purpose and application The advantage of a hot tub cover is that it protects your tub from both indoor and outdoor pollutants, depending on its location. Covers are available in many forms and features in order to ensure the most effective protection possible; each component well thought out for maximum contribution to the overall performance of your tub. A model that has locking mechanisms provides child and pet safety, as it is well known that every year thousands of children are killed or injured from accidental drowning.

An easy access model is a good choice as the zipper has handles for convenience when entering and exiting the tub. As people spend a considerable amount of money on hot tubs so spending a few extra dollars to ensure its quality is a minor expense in comparison, especially when it affords them added quality for the hot tub and longevity too.

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