Holmes Harmony Tower Air Purifier HEPA

As the demand for purifiers increase by the day, new models are being launched regularly to woo the customers. This makes the choice for the customer difficult as he has to choose one from so many. The Holmes Harmony HEPA Tower HAP422-U Air Purifier has been a new addition to the long list of air purifiers and it seems it has gone down well with most industry experts and customers.

There are quite a few things going for the Holmes Harmony HEPA Tower HAP422-U Air Purifier. First of all it is efficient. Not only is it good in cleaning the air of the particulates suspended, but it also works great in deodorizing the air. It doesn't produce much noise also as most other HEPA air purifiers do.

Designed stylishly it goes with the decor of any room. And the design has its own functionality. Being like a tower, it occupies little space keeping the floor space free. It can be placed wherever you want it to, in whichever position you feel like - horizontal or vertical or even flush against the wall.

The filter is designed to clean air over an area of 180 sq. ft. and with superior HEPA filters (HEPA-type Filters HAPF30) the level of cleanliness achieved is around 99%.

So the purifier is ideal for your living room which is generally of the same size. The pre-filter (HAP422) that comes with it is washable so you save on your money and also you don't have to go through the hassle of getting a new one every time it gets saturated. The purifier has a three motor function which helps keep the noise levels down. This also helps installing the purifier in your living room.

You wouldn't want your family or friends to be disturbed continuously by a white noise. Though some might actually like the noise, but the preference is not universal. The looks also are suited to have it in your living room.

Not only is it sleek and contemporary but since it occupies little space, you can always place it beyond the normal line of vision of everyone. Installing the air purifier is also pretty easy. All you got to do is just follow the instructions on the manual. All are explained step by step and there is no hassle in getting the think set to start operating. Priced reasonably the Holmes Harmony HEPA Tower HAP422-U Air Purifier is a good investment if you are planning to buy an air purifier.

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