Guide to Buying Cane Furniture

Canes used for furniture are the stems of certain plants which are stripped and dried to convert it to the fibre form. The stem of rattan or other types of palms are thus processed and the fibre is used to weave or spin in various forms. Bamboo and wicker are also used to make cane furniture. Almost all varieties of canes are imported from tropical countries like south Asia and Africa. A remarkable property of cane is its tolerance to humidity.

Apart from furniture, canes are used to make baskets, lamp shades and walking sticks. The material is very sturdy and durable. It is the flexibility of the material that makes cane a very suitable raw material for furniture making.

It is in the recent past, cane furniture attained importance as an eco-friendly alternative to wood. The rattan, cane and wicker furniture are very popular among people. Today almost every item of furniture required for home or office is available in cane. Sofa sets, side tables, chairs, dining sets and storage shelves are offered in many designs and colours to cater the diverse needs of the customers. Cane furniture are ideal for outdoor use as well as for conservatories.

Innumerable new designs have been introduced in the market. The customers can choose suitable colours and designs. Tables with glass tops are not only attractive but also easy to clean.

High back chairs with padded cushions are comfortable. Many of the pieces are handcrafted to satisfy choosy customers. Throne like special chairs with high back and ornamental hand rests are upholstered with pale gold fabrics to give them a majestic look. Conservatory furniture are comparatively cheaper than their wooden counterparts.

But careful and systematic maintenance are essential. Regular wiping should be done to remove dust and dirt. They must be protected from humidity and direct sunlight.

Periodical polishing is essential for durability. It will help to keep away insects that may infest the furniture. The light weight cane furniture are easier to shift or rearrange. Space available in the house is very important. The very serene look of the cane furniture will be lost in a room which is crowded with many pieces.

The ideas and imagination of the home maker play a vital role in bringing out a well furnished place. The furniture should blend smoothly with the ambience of the room. The room will not look attractive just because of the expensive furniture. Discretion of the home maker in this context is very important.

The customers can shop online. The dealers update their stocks with innovative new products periodically. Illustrated catalogues will provide the customers with relevant information about the products. The customers should assess the needs before placing orders.

The online dealers who are specialized in cane and fibre furniture will be able to advice the customers in their endeavour to procure suitable pieces within their budget. They offer free shipping and warranty. Of course, the customers will be benefited by the cost advantage of the online system. They can make use of the price comparison sites to make a good deal.

Grant is the moderator of the garden directory and content creator for the UK's premier cane furniture supplier, Cupar Garden Centre.

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