Great Tips for Small Bathroom Remodeling

Are you cracking your brains over small bathroom remodeling? You are not alone. Many homeowners are faced wit the problem of having to change the look of a cramped bathroom. Here are some tips on how to make the most of small bath spaces. Remove Barriers If You Can One of the most popular solutions is to simply knock off one side. This will allow you to expand in one direction and get more space. The problem though is that this solution is not cheap.

Aside from spending a lot to reconstruct a new wall, you would also have to consider paying for extensive changes in plumbing and wiring. Get Small Features You have other options if you cannot afford to push back your walls. One of them is to simply replace previously large fixtures and features with smaller ones. There are small bath tubs, sinks, toilets and cabinets that can be installed in place of old ones. You have to make sure though that the largest member of your family can comfortably use these smaller fixtures. Put Objects Above What's the use of all that space above if you can't use it? Instead of consuming your floor space with square cabinets and hampers, transfer them above.

Cabinets and steel shelves can be installed on the wall a little above the level of your head. Towels and hampers too can be hanged from clasps on the wall. Aside from the space above, you can also use the space below for free floating fixtures. Choose Light Colors Small bathroom remodeling always means changing the colors too.

If you have to repaint and change tiles, always choose those that are light colored. The dark ones will create the illusion that you are in a small area. Light ones on the other hand can make the room expand. In addition, light colors are also definitely more relaxing.

Designs on tiles and walls should be small. Use Light Letting in the light can make a room bigger than it really is. Whenever possible, grab the opportunity to let in natural light. You can do that by making your side window larger. A skylight can also be an option.

If having an opening in your bathroom is not possible, then choose good artificial lighting. Strategically Install Mirrors This is an age old technique that works well for small bathrooms. Wide mirrors in both walls can make bathroom users feel like there is an endless supply of space. Don't overdo the mirror trick though.

It can be quite disorienting looking through so many reflective surfaces. Put Fixtures Against Walls You can add more floor space by setting your fixtures securely on the walls. Your toilet and tub for example shouldn't have unnecessary spaces on the sides.

You can also choose sinks that can be set on one corner of your bathroom. Small bathroom remodeling can actually be a lot of fun. The real key is to simply change viewer perspective and utilize every available space you have.

Start your small bathroom remodeling today. Discover the best small bathroom design ideas online.

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