French Country Decorating For The Kitchen

French country kitchen design can be challenging but can also end up giving your kitchen a nice warm time-worn look. Here are some things to think about when adopting this style into your kitchen decor. As with all homes it seems that the heart of it is the kitchen and therefore it makes sense decorate it in an appealing and comfortable style.

One way is to decorate the kitchen in a French Country Style (French Country Decorating for the Kitchen) and is one of the current trends when a kitchen is about to be redecorated, plus there are a wide range of great accessories available to help enhance the look further. However, it is important that prior to you going out and purchasing your new French Country Kitchen is that you select a colour scheme. Although often the original colour schemes for a French Country kitchen were either blue and yellow many people are now opting for either black and white or maroon and white instead. But personally I would rather use the traditional blue and yellow scheme.

I would start by painting the walls in 2 shades of yellow a golden yellow for the upper half and a more darker golden yellow for the lower half. Not only does it make the room look bright and cheery but it does not feel too over the top in regard to the yellow. To accentuate the room further I would use accents of blue around the room such as tiles and pots, utensil holders etc may be even some pieces of blue glass as well. If you cannot afford to replace the cabinets that you have then why not just alter the fronts of them by adding a little chicken wire at the front. All you need do is cut out the front panels on the door of a few of the cabinets and then cut a piece of chicken wire that is slightly larger than the panel removed and bend the edges over (avoids you getting cut by the wire) and then staple it to the inside of the door. Not only have your given the cabinet door a country look, but you can display some of your favourite pieces of pottery as well.

Now the kitchen cabinets are ready it is time to start filling your kitchen up with pieces to provide a more authentic French Country feel to it. Rooster (cockerel) accessories seem to be the hottest items at the moment for giving a kitchen the right kind of feel. Why not use a French Country rooster print on a wall and then a few statutes dotted around the kitchen on shelves and say the window ledge. You may even be lucky enough to find a gold and blue rug that has a cockerel as its central character and which will tie in the rooms colour and decor beautifully. If you really want to finish the kitchen off perfectly then look at adding a valance to the window made from a French Country fabric called moire and you could also use this to cover any seat cushions that you have in the kitchen especially those around a kitchen table (if the room is big enough to accommodate one).

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