Caring Tips For Air Purifiers For A LongTerm Efficiency

Call it paradoxical or essential but you can't ignore the aspect. Air purifiers clean air, so do you need something else to keep the purifiers clean? Though the answer 'no' would have been more convincing but in fact you need something to clean and care for the air purifier. Without proper maintenance of an air purifier its efficiency rate is lowered and durability is put at stake. Begin with dusting - The air purifier eliminates dust from your home but some dust gathers on the body of the device.

- To wipe out this dust you must vacuum the external part of the purifier from time to time. - The air panels of the purifier must be cleaned daily if possible. You can also use a clean piece of soft cloth made of cotton for wiping out the gathered dirt and dust.

Care for filters Air filters are the key purifying tool in the air purifiers. Even if the external dust keeps on accumulating the adverse effect won't be so much as it will occur if the filter is damaged. What type of maintenance is really required? - One thing which you must remember is that every filter has a limited lifespan. And that is determined by the amount of allergens and contaminants present in your home.

Thus an average lifespan of the filter is fixed by the manufacturer which may vary as per the usage. - The normal duration the HEPA filter works with full efficiency is for 10-12 months. So it is better to be prepared that after every year you will have to change the HEPA filter.

- Instead of HEPA if a common carbon filter is used, the changes have to be made quarterly. Just to save a few pennies, don't install any alternative air filter. The brand of your air purifier should also be the brand of the air filter. This can definitely give a longer life to your air purifier. Washing wherever required The air purifier is generally not meant to be washed.

But there are some parts in it which are washable and you need to clean them by soaking them into water and soap. - The pre filters are washable in nature. - So wash them at regular intervals not just to clean them but to increase their life of utility. - For good quality of filtration, the pre filters have to be dense and well maintained. - Also see that when you place them back after washing in the air purifier they should not be in the wet stage.

These are very simple and easy tips but mandatory for maintaining the air purifier. And in the long run you won't have to face a fuss with the device.

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