Can Cars Really Run On Water Instead of Gas

They say you will be amazed by the new technology for running your car engine on water. Yet is it just a scam? With Stan Meyer's invention of a water run engine the future is truly bright. Yet many obstacles still stand in the way of our own cars utilizing this technology. Bringing his invention to the public means going against some of the biggest and powerful companies in the world. Mr Meyer has been offered a billion dollars to keep his invention to himself.

Although a completely water run engine is not accessible, we do have the technology to create a hybrid using water power. At present there are several plans for converting your own engine available on the Internet Today. The benefits are many: Anyone can do it. Instructions cover almost all engines. Cost Savings of 25% to 70% Less polluting emissions Instructions are easy to follow Very inexpensive to build You don't have to worry about safety, as there is no large volume of hydrogen to deal with.

The hydrogen gas is extracted as needed. The idea is to use water as a supplement to gasoline. Actually very little water is needed! One quart of water provides over 1800 gallons of HHO gas. Thus possibly lasting for months while significantly increasing your vehicle's fuel efficiently. This appears to be the perfect win-win situation.

You save on fuel costs, your car runs better and cleaner and you make a major impact on improving the environment. Conversion kit information can be found at www.exchangewaterforgas.


Learn about this amazing cutting edge science at Run Your Car On Gas. Now is the time to tell the massive oil companies no more, while using alternative energy and Save Money on Fuel Cost

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