A New Look for Fireplaces

Fireplaces conjure up images of romance, white Christmases, roasting chestnuts and glorious warm memories. Nothing compares to the warmth, both physical and emotional, that a fireplace exudes. When house hunting, most home buyers are often swayed to purchase a property due to the presence of a fireplace.

If you already own a home but don't have a fireplace, alternatives to building a wood-burning fireplace exist. Renovating your home to add a chimney and wood fireplace to your current home is a process that can be expensive, costing well over $6000. This doesn't fit in many fireplace lovers budgets.

If you already have a fireplace but do not want the bother of hauling wood, keeping the fire stoked, chimney maintenance associated with wood burning, there are ways to still maximize your fireplace for ambiance and heating. Install a gas fireplace. A gas fireplace burns clean and can be lit with a touch of a button. The flames flicker behind a glass and you have a fire blazing away in the old wood-burning fireplace.

The gas fireplace burns without the mess of hauling the firewood indoors, without the worry's associated with wood burning; chimney soot, smoke damage. A gas fire doesn't need the constant attention of being stoked, leaving the homeowner to other activities. Gas fireplace also add ambience it brings into your home. Gas fireplaces also protect your indoor furniture from the particulates associated with smoke wood burning. Invest in an Electric Fireplace.

If you don't have an existing fireplace, consider one. Electric fireplaces require no masonry work, no venting. An electric fireplace has logs that glow and flames that are simulated to flicker as well as a heating unit that disperses heat by the use of an internal fan. The fireplace can be used for only the aesthetic value or for aesthetic and heating. They are portable and can be placed anywhere in the house.

They are affordable and add to a room's ambience. Electric fireplaces are considered a part of your indoor furniture. When you sell your house your electric fireplace can move with you to your new home. They can have a minimal heating capacity and do not smoke which will keep your indoor furniture free from duct particles.

Electric fireplaces are suitable for smaller homes and rooms like an apartment room. There are many different types and styles of electric fireplaces to choose from. Some are inserts that can be inserted into your already existing fireplace. You can also find some that are free standing and designed to look like wood stoves. Some are three sides and can fit snuggly into a room corner.

The variety of styles and models available allows you find a unit that matches your indoor furniture décor. With an affordable price tag of under $1000, electric fireplaces are an affordable addition to your indoor furniture. With the rising cost of fuel oil, home owners are looking for alternative heat sources. A heat source that is also aesthetic, pleasing, and matches with your indoor furniture is an added bonus.

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